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My LG v20 Nightmare is Over

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In December I got an LG v20 and don’t get me wrong, it was a great phone WHEN IT WORKED. My problem occured about a month after getting it where the camera glass shattered on it’s own. I put it down for the night on my nightstand and when I got up in the morning it was shattered. I had phone insurance on it but they still wanted $250 for a cheap piece of plastic which should have never made it into the phone. Supposedly my warranty was voided by this manufacturer defect. If I have insurance then why the hell would I pay for a manufacturer defect. I’m not the only one who has this issue. Check the web and you will see.

So of course I went to the insurance company and tried again but got the same response. I emailed LG and got a response 2 weeks later but then when I replied to that, they didn’t answer. So now I bring it to AT&T’s attentnion. I didn’t want to blame AT&T for the issue because it’s not their fault LG is a bunch of scumbags. I saw Verizon and T-Mobile just replacing some of these phones so I thought it was worth a shot since other knew about this defect.

Now I’m about a month in with a busted camera. I contacted LG on Twitter at @LGUSAMobile and @LGUS. @LGUS said refer to the other so I did. After a few weeks of getting nowhere with @LGUSAMobile (who took like a week between replies) they decided to block me. I’m a customer with a $850 defective phone and they blocked me because I was trying to get help. @LGUS did nothing. During this time I also sent an email to all the LG executives I could find to report their poor customer service and of course there was no response.

Imagine this as a picture sent to you by your contractor who’s working on your house. Thanks LG…

After a while I found the part in China and it took 39 days to get here. I got it from Aliexpress. It was an OEM part but here’s the kicker. So many people had the issue and these parts disappeared. I wouldn’t doubt LG found them and bought them all so they could keep trying to get $250 to fix a part that costs like $20 if even that. Probably around $10 to actually make it.

#shattergate is real and don’t fall for the BS.

The part is simple to replace. It’s just a bunch of really tiny screws that hold it in.

Here are places you can get the part:

I’m a contractor by trade and installed LG products all that time but after this nightmare I will never touch another LG product. I’d get rid of this tablet that came with the phone if it didn’t have an ETF. I am done with them. A company that treats people like this doesn’t deserve good customers and I can see why some people avoid them. I never had an issue in the past but now I will NEVER buy or install another LG product.

Luckily I now have an s7 Edge I got as a warranty replacement. At least I know Samsung will take care of their customers where LG doesn’t even give a damn.

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Keijo!!!!!!!! (Hip Whip Girl!)

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Keijo. One of the most “controversial” animes in a long time even though there’s no reason for it other than people wanting to stand on a soapbox and be loud. The show is about a “sport” known as Keijo. It’s a women only sport where girls/women have to knock each other off these floating platforms known as “land” or other structures that are situated above bodies of water. There is one other aspect though, they can only use the breasts or butts. The show revolves around their training to become high earning players. Continue reading

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Tamako Market

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I picked up Tamako Market because some of the voice actors in it. Without them I might not have watched even though it’s by one of my favorite studios, Kyoto Animation.

The show centers around Tamako, eldest daughter of a family who runs a mochi shop. One day she’s walking along and comes across a strange talking bird named Dera who is on a mission. Dera endulges himself a little too much and becomes too fat to fly so he becomes a freeloader at the mochi shop. The show follows Tamako, her friends, family and neighbors through their everyday life and Dera’s mission. Continue reading

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World Trigger (Wārudo Torigā)

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World Trigger was a show I got into because I was being bombarded with ads from Crunchyroll. At first I didn’t want to want the show because the “enemy” were called neighbors. Which seemed absolutely ridiculous at the time but those ads were relentless so I had to check it out. Another thing that got my attention was that the show was greenlit for 50 episodes and I’m tired of shows only getting 12 episodes to try to tell a story. Most shows end up rushed or unfinished due to the lack of enough episodes.

Brief synopsis: Mikado City is where the events of World Trigger take place. One day a gate to another world opens and these monsters known as ‘neighbors’ come through the gate. Of course everyone is afraid of them, especially since Earth weapons have no affect on them. Then a mysterious group known as Border enters the scene to fight them off. 4 1/2 years later, a new gate opens where Yuma comes to Earth. Yuma and Osamu meet at school where Yuma is adjusting to Earth life and Osamu looks like an ordinary student. Not too long after, a new gate opens and Osamu reveals he’s a Border trainee and tries to fight off the ‘neighbor’ but it’s too strong for him so Yuma joins the fray. This is only the beginning, trust me. Continue reading

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Kemono Friends

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Well the season is over and I thought this would be the first one I threw out my thoughts about. Yes I know I have like 3-4 seasons to catch up writing about but anyway…

Kemono Friends, the anime that seemed to take Japan and fan art by storm. It’s crazy to think this show would be such a runaway hit. I doubt it is over here in the US but in Japan it definitely made waves.

The show is one that seems to be aimed at kids but it was on late at night which leads you to believe there is more to it than meets the eye. When you first look at the show you will probably say something like “what the hell is this”. It has some very very janky CGI, a friendly “meet the animals” type theme and it doesn’t give off anything that would seem more mature or adult. Though you can tell something apocalyptic happened. I will say the background art is okay. Continue reading

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Blood Lad (Buraddo Raddo)

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Blood Lad is one that I’ve been wanting to see for a while. No there wasn’t any special reason but the name was drawing me in. These days vampires are all sparkly and this one wasn’t so I thought I should check it out.

The show is about a slacker demon Staz who happens to be the head of one of the Demon World sections. He’s a closet otaku and keeps it from everyone but then one day a girl from he Human World ends up in his territory. This girl is the catalyst for the whole show. Without going into too much plot detail, this show is somewhat of a quest type show. You don’t have to wait long to get to the plot of the show, it’s laid out in the first episode. Continue reading

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Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro Chan

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Bludgeoning Angel is a short style anime that’s 13 minutes per episode. The first season had 8 episodes and the second had 4. The “plot” is an angel coming back from the future to stop a boy who inadvertently learns how to stop aging and this leads to someone in the future making all girls in the world stop aging at the age of 12. Yes, she is trying to stop whoever becomes the pedophile king. Continue reading

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Sola is a show I picked randomly while snowed in. I had no expectations going into the show but I saw drama tags and a few others and thought it was going to be a slow meandering show but then there was another tag that caught my attention. Supernatural.

Yorito has an unexplained obsession with the sky. He loves taking pictures of the sky at different times of day. Sunsets, sunrises, the clouds and anything sky related. On one of his early morning trips to try to get pics of the sunrise he bumps into an awkward girl who seems to be fighting with a vending machine when her tomato juice gets stuck. Yorito helps the strange girl but while he has his back turned she disappears. This mysterious girl is surrounded in mystery and Yorito wants to figure out who she is. Continue reading

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What the hell is the fascination with Kemono Friends?

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Twitter is like a world to itself. There are many different things going on all at the same time. But one thing I noticed from the Japanese artists I follow is an explosion of animal looking girls but they weren’t the typical drawings. They looked like they were from a show together and then I looked and it’s one of the shows I didn’t want to touch with a 10 foot pole. Kemono Friends. Continue reading

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More Info About My Manga Dodge Battle High

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Yes I know it’s been a while and I’ve neglected my blog again. Well this time I want to give an update on my manga Dodge Battle High.

The story centers around Akihiro. A high school freshman but not at an ordinary high school. It’s Dodge Battle High where your grade and schooling are all about dodgeball. People see dodgeball as only a game but if you think about it, there’s team building, working together, leadership skill building and more.

So why did this gaijin decide to become a genkushuka (manga writer)? Well I do watch a lot of anime, I do read manga and have an affinity for the Japanese culture. Japan still has a culture where respect and loyalty means something wheres here in the US they mean nothing. I’ve always had in interest in samurais and ancient Japan and new Japan too which still hasn’t become what the US is now where no one respects each other and every nutcase has a gun. Now I’m not going to say writing a manga is an easy task but as a teen I used to write and draw comics so it’s not something foreign to me. Though full scripting for someone else to do the drawing is.

Now a little more about the story. Akihiro is a kid who has become disinterested in the world. He lost his parents at an early age and kind of went into a shell. His older sister Kazue has done her best to keep them together and be somewhat of a parent. What makes the task even harder is they have younger siblings, twins named Akiko and Akira. I don’t want to give too much away but there was someone who got Akihiro to come out of his shell and turn him into someone very family orientated but that person also was “lost” just not in the same way as his parents.

Some of the other characters who play an important role are Hoshiko (Akihiro’s friend), Jin (another friend of Akihiro), Aoi (another student at Dodge Battle High), Tom (Akihiro’s arch rival) amongst a list of many. All the names I have to come up with, daaaaaaaaamn.

The characters in the book will each has their issues that they work on during the course of the manga. They’re teenagers so it’ll be some of your typical teenage issues like lonliness, bullying, depression, shyness, etc. Why? Because while it’s a comedy manga it’s not your typical comedy without content besides comedy. Actually it hits several genres like slice of life, harem, sports, romance but there will be gags and comedy all over the place too. It’s to be expected with teens.

This is a sketch of Akihiro

More Akihiro

This is a sketch of Hoshiko

This is a “neko” Hoshiko sketch

This is a sketch of Jin

This is a sketch of the twins though they appear a bit older than they are at the beginning of the story

You can look here for some other sketches and info.

Soon I will be starting to get some pages drawn and preparing for a possible Kickstarter. And a note about the art. I am a big fan of art as most people know. I appreciate art in many forms especially fan art because it shows that people like what you’re doing. If there is a Kickstarter (most likely will be) and you do some type of art then surely let me know. Tweet me, I’ll probably retweet it as long as it’s tasteful. If it’s hentai then I won’t. If it has the kids in sexy poses or compromising positions then I won’t. I know some places might even find it okay to see kids like that but I personally don’t and you won’t see that in the manga and if it becomes animated it will be at the top of my list of things to say to the animation studio. Obviously I’m not stopping you from doing what you do but it’s just my personal stance.

So a gaijin genkushuka from the US, potential artist from Spain, trying to break into a market that’s mainly in Japan. Easy task? Not at all. But I’m damned sure going to try.

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