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Dodge Battle High

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Yes this is the name of the pitch I sent to Oni Press during their submissions process (also Astra Etherium which was turned down though I think it fits their line of books also). I haven’t given many details to those outside of the few who read my scribbles from when it was going to be a light novel. A few have seen my comic scripted version which has a decent amount of pages now. I have the first 100 pages or so in my head and need to put about 55 more of it on paper and script it.

Comic scripting is definitely not as easy as someone would think it is. You have to picture each frame and describe it so that someone reading it can picture it in their head or draw it if it’s an artist. I used to draw comics as a teen with Marvel on my mind but I would sketch my stories then draw. I stopped drawing like 15 years ago so my skill has diminished a bit and I’m much more of a perfectionist now which causes me to not finish art, plus the fact that I never learned to do it all digitally.

The book will be a mix of sports (dodgeball), family, slice of life but also tackle some topics like death, loneliness, and other psychological things that teens go through. Don’t worry, it’s comedy and light hearted for the most part so you won’t want to sit in a dark room wishing your life was over. Even the sports part probably won’t be as pronounced as the interpersonal relationships. The relationships whether good or bad will be the main focus of the books.

Where do I see this going? Well I would like to cover their 4 years in high school for the series which would mean 20 books or so and if it’s really popular then I have plans for the next set of books where they have graduated but I won’t let you know about that part yet. I also would like to see this adapted into a show. I think it would lend itself well to an adaptation and I may look to form my own “production committee” for funding. I’m even thinking if maybe the characters will be put into this dodgeball game concept that I have had for a while but I’m currently in gamedev hell so I have to wait before I think of that part but also a possibility.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog stuff.

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Oni Press Still Hasn’t Rejected My 2nd Pitch…Yet

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Well I’ve been sitting and waiting for a rejection letter but nothing yet. I’m on day 62. They extended the response time from 30 days to 60 but I know one person said it took 72 days. I’m debating what to do with Dodge Battle High because I made a few changes to what I sent them. What if they get back to me and say “we want your book”?

I’m still looking at a Kickstarter but it may be around October. By then, I should have a clear answer on Astra Etherium (the game) which is being held up by external issues beyond my control and I’m not happy about. I will probably send Astra Etherium (the book) to Dark Horse. It’s probably more their thing but I heard they ask for a piece of film rights or something in their deals. Which can be good and bad. I’d like to see it hit the anime market but if a movie can be made then why not. It lends itself well to a movie.

So I just keep writing, hoping it’s good…the few who read it say that it is. Hope they aren’t telling me what they think I want to hear…

Ugh. I guess I just want to know what’s going on in the process.

**Update** I guess someone heard me. I got an email today saying they need longer than the 60 days. It looks like about 2 weeks ago they still had 950 submissions to go through so I guess there is still hope before having to turn to Kickstarter.

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FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

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When I was doing my writeup on Photon, I checked my other writeups and didn’t realize I never did one for FLCL. I can think of several good reasons why I probably didn’t but we’ll get to that later.

FLCL is a 6 part OVA based around a kid in 6th grade who is the typical kid with hormones. Naota and his brother’s ex-girlfriend were fooling around when all of a sudden a crazy girl on a scooter runs him over and cracks him with a guitar. On top of that, the misery doesn’t end for Naota, this ill mannered girl who tried to give him brain damage, moved into his house. His slackass father acts like it’s just normal and okay for this to happen. The crazy one claims to be an alien and even moves into Naota’s bedroom, while putting him front and center into some secret agenda of a mega corporation. Sounds like it would be interesting right? Continue reading

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