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World Trigger (Wārudo Torigā)

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World Trigger was a show I got into because I was being bombarded with ads from Crunchyroll. At first I didn’t want to want the show because the “enemy” were called neighbors. Which seemed absolutely ridiculous at the time but those ads were relentless so I had to check it out. Another thing that got my attention was that the show was greenlit for 50 episodes and I’m tired of shows only getting 12 episodes to try to tell a story. Most shows end up rushed or unfinished due to the lack of enough episodes.

Brief synopsis: Mikado City is where the events of World Trigger take place. One day a gate to another world opens and these monsters known as ‘neighbors’ come through the gate. Of course everyone is afraid of them, especially since Earth weapons have no affect on them. Then a mysterious group known as Border enters the scene to fight them off. 4 1/2 years later, a new gate opens where Yuma comes to Earth. Yuma and Osamu meet at school where Yuma is adjusting to Earth life and Osamu looks like an ordinary student. Not too long after, a new gate opens and Osamu reveals he’s a Border trainee and tries to fight off the ‘neighbor’ but it’s too strong for him so Yuma joins the fray. This is only the beginning, trust me. Continue reading

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