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High School of the Dead

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High School of the Dead is one of my go to animes. Is a show with zombies new? Not by any stretch of the imagination but this show does it better than a lot of movies do. It does some things well and of course it has it’s faults too but does more well than it doesn’t.

The show revolves around a group of students who go to school as if it’s an ordinary day but end up in a zombie apocalypse. This is not a moe version of zombies like School Live! This is a much more hardcore zombie fest with blood, slashing, bashing and killing. The action starts right from the beginning so there’s no drama leading up to it, you just get zombies on the move and a little background on how the school got over run. The main characters are a group of students who team up together for their survival in this new zombie infested world. Continue reading

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