The Indie

Last year I started The Indie. A site based mainly on indie games, developers and everything around it. I wanted to bring more devs to the people. One of the things so great about indie game development is you can reach out and talk to them. They’re right there and no giant wall around them. If they choose to talk.

Another part of the reason for the site was to try to bridge the gap. There are games that slip between the cracks and something as simple as the dev being out there might help. I know I’m not the only one who sometimes buys a game to help a dev or I like their story so I buy it. Marketing is not easy when there are 1000 games released a week now or whatever the number is.

Unfortunately most of the people I tabbed to help out had other obligations. I handpicked people because these days you never know who’ll pull a Phil Fish or any of those other people who are just non controversial. I wanted the site to be controversy free and just to be about what people are coming for, not the other crap.

I need to get on the ball and get more writers. I want to have devs post a lot of different things. Give opinions, blogs, post mortems, etc. We had a decent start, I met some new devs and it’s been fun so far but I need to spread further.

Check out The Indie here

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