Soul Eater (Sōru Ītā)

Soul Eater is one that I kept pushing back for some reason. Not sure why since I’ve been on the lookout for longer animes. I am so tired of the 12-13 episode crap of recent times.

The show takes place at Death Weapon Meister Academy. The main characters are 3 students who are weapon meisters and they’re paired with weapons who can transform into humans with their own personalities. Their goal is to make their weapons into Death Scythes who are suitable to serve the headmaster. That headmaster is Death. To do this they must collect 99 souls and a witch in that order or they have to start over.The characters in this show are definitely different and colorful. You have an extremely quirky Death the kid, a braggadocios Black Star, a girl who seems kind of like a regular teenager Maka and then their weapons. Soul is different from the others in that he’s dark while Tsubaki is a sweet, caring character and Liz and Patty are airheads but also more on the soft side. Besides the mains there are teachers and other students too. I have to say this is probably the best iteration of Medusa that I’ve come across in a loooooong time. I can’t think of one better. Dr Frankenstein is also good. Death is a letdown but there is a backstory on that which they get into. Excalibur though…he makes me want to rip my eyes and ears out and the other characters in the show have the same reaction to him. So there is definitely a colorful cast of characters.

It’s not often a show gets greenlighted for 51 episodes from the jump. Besides this, World Trigger and Dragon Ball Super are the only ones from recent times that I can think of. Shows that do, usually don’t have super high production values but do provide good quality entertainment. With it being given 51 episodes, there were no breaks of big cliffhangers. Sure there were episodes that left you waiting but you knew there was more show coming and not the common thing from these days where you don’t know if there will be more.

Soul Eater is a dark but lively show. It’s always moving and keeps you engaged. There are 2 episodes which are painful to watch though but out of 51 that’s not bad. If you like action animes then this show is for you. It’s a nice complete show from beginning to end.


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