Random Game Funding Rant

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a market I can ever get into. I tried making a game and got an alpha out as the last Ouya game. But because of becoming a caregiver, I had to put it on the backburner. Then there was a bigger shift in gaming. Being an indie became harder. More games flooded the market. This is when I switched to something I could do while waiting out my situation. I became an evangelist for indies to a degree. I don’t have the massive reach of some but I do help where I can.

What I would have loved to do, and I wrote about it on The Indie, is become a lead of a fund which helps other indies. Not the ones with super polished games or popular. The ones that are focused on fun games or maybe unique games. Games that don’t have that super level of polish that’s going to sell right away by looks. Or funding prototypes with some kind of backend agreement where they get do what they need to do and I help with pitching the game or promotion, etc.

For my personal projects, that’s probably what I need more than publishers. My ideas may not fit the nice, tidy box that some are afraid to step out of. Maybe I make a shmup but with changes that makes it viable today. Maybe I do a strategy game, Fire Emblem showed the genre isn’t dead. I do have a Zelda-ish game on my idea list that I want to make into a game that people remember. Doesn’t have to be the best or biggest, just remembered. I guess that’s just the kind of dev I want to be. I don’t need awards or anything but I want to leave impressions with people.


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