The Indie

Last year I started The Indie. A site based mainly on indie games, developers and everything around it. I wanted to bring more devs to the people. One of the things so great about indie game development is you can reach out and talk to them. They’re right there and no giant wall around them.… Continue reading The Indie

My gamedev journey

As some of you know, I started my journey around 2013. With my game Astra Etherium: Adventures of a Space Bounty Hunter in Space. A bullet hell shmup with a story and RPG elements. You could call it a roguelike-lite. Due to so many life, becoming a caregiver and a multitude of other things, it… Continue reading My gamedev journey

My Light Novel Hachiko

During quarantine I started this light novel but it’s been through a lot of changes thanks to beta readers (you guys are awesome). Hachiko is a one shot story. The story is about a 20 year old boy named Kazuhito, who seeks out urban legends. There is a creature of recent vintage named Hachishakusama. I… Continue reading My Light Novel Hachiko


So yeah…. Looks like I’ve been gone a while doesn’t it? Well I had hosting issues and became a caregiver. Being a caregiver for someone with advanced dementia is not easy. I would describe it as….AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. But I was probably dealing with the most difficult person even before she was diagnosed. During that… Continue reading I’M BACK!

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Qualidea Code

Qualidea Code is a show from summer 2016. It’s one that I don’t even want to waste too many words on. It’s one of those shows that starts out as one thing then rapidly turns into something else and they rush to finish it with another horrible twist. It’s like they didn’t know what direction to go… Continue reading Qualidea Code

Trinity 7

Arata Kasuga is “cursed” with something known as the Collapse Phenomenon which has the capability of destroying the world and there are people after him for this power. Some want to be able to abuse him power and there are others who want to kill him so this power doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.… Continue reading Trinity 7