Time can be a friend but also an enemy

During the time of being a caregiver I had to step back from everything I was working on. My mother got dementia/alzheimer’s but she was active. She was actually driving until the point of diagnosis. So my life was active even when it wasn’t. I couldn’t get time to work on anything more than an hour or two at a time. So my game went on hiatus and now it looks like a 10 year cycle. Wow…..

One thing I started doing during that time is writing. Lots of writing. I worked on Dodge Battle High some more, but thats on hiatus too because loss of mangaka. I started working on a smaller manga to enter into a Shonen Jump contest but again lost my artist. I also did a pitch for a manga based on my game which is a backburner project I wasn’t planning to move forward until later. I also started concepting a board game for my game which may find it’s way out soon. I even started scripting an anime. But the main thing I did was start a light novel named Hachiko. During quarantine I wanted to do something besides sit at home (yes I know here in the US quarantine was a joke but I’m a contractor who works in homes so….). We’re going to be talking about that one since I started posting about it and I’m in a good place with it.

I also have another game concept that almost got a prototype but “on haitus”.

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