A Last Goodbye…and a Hello.

Wow. I said I was back and then things happened, life happened… Ugh.

Anyway, now I am truly back on the grind. My family got hit hard with that damned virus. Lost my grandmother and then my mother 2 days before Christmas. Even had another family member die a few days ago. Life can be short. Get out there and do the damned thing.

Since I no longer have caregiver duties or anything else stopping me, I can work on all these projects I’ve had in my head these past few years. While I was a caregiver, it was just too hard to do anything for more than a few hours at a time. Unfortunately my mother got Alzheimer’s and it went downhill fast or maybe not, depends on how you look at it. She was able to hide it for a long time but once she got diagnosed it was straight downhill. And let me tell you, being the caregiver can lead a lot of people to break. Family starts acting like you’re the enemy. Random strangers get involved in family business. All of a sudden you find yourself all alone. Luckily for me she had a friend who she treated like a daughter. She was practically my adopted sister and she helped me out big time. Imagine trying to take care of an accomplished woman, with a PhD who’s stubborn by nature and the disease made it worse. My mother has a lot of accomplishments and many people loved her. I’m glad I was able to do what I could for her in her final years and help her out when she couldn’t help herself anymore. Time for me to get these projects kicked into high gear so when we meet again, I’ll have something to show her.

NOW. I’m back.

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