I’m writing an anime??!!?

I mentioned it before and yes Killswitch started writing an anime. I had ideas in my head based on my other projects but this is a fresh idea. Nothing to do with my other projects.

eSports is huge right now. When I started writing this it was mid-stage, before shows were being made around it. So if I finish this script some time soon and designs and all that then maybe it becomes something I can pitch and maybe get interest in.

Most anime that deal with competitive games are usually solo games. It’s easier to deal with one protagonist and not have to build out an assortment of haracters. Think about it, for an eSport team you have 4-5 characters. You have to have their opponent and possibly more than one. Maybe even 3-4 opponents which means you could be writing up to 20 characters plus any ancilliary characters like a mother, father, friends, coachh, etc. I don’t want to suggest that this may scare some people but….this may scare some people.

Anyway, that’s what this anime is about. A girl who plays games online wants to compete and goes searching for a team. She finds a “team” but they don’t meet her standards of what she wants. Then she meets a shady scientist who promises he can help her get a team together to win prizes and fame.

As you know from my other writing, I do tend to gravitate towards comedy. You will laugh and you will like it dammit. It may be a while before I finish it since I’m trying to tie up other projects. Maybe end of the year? If you’re interested in seeing what I’m working on, I may post it at some point.

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