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Winter Anime 2017 and What I’m Watching

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I know the blog has been neglected so here’s my attempt to get it going again. This winter season is okay but there are some that are just off my radar. Been waiting to see what gets done with Maid Dragon and it landed at KyoAni so that made it bound to be good. KyoAni always delivers and they did with this one too.

Gabriel Dropout – It’s a goofy comedy that works for what it is. It doesn’t pretend to be more than a goofy comedy. You have angels and demons trying to live on Earth and none of them act like you’d expect. You have a sadistic angel, a slacker angel, a nice demon and a demon who are friends to a degree, going to school and trying to understand living on Earth. Gabriel reminds me of Umaru so that’s a negative and I could live without this one bathroom scene but it’s just a show to make you laugh at the goofy situations.

Maid Dragon – I read all of Cool’s manga and this is one I’ve been waiting for and to me it’s the best of the season. It even looks just like Cool’s drawings but on TV. I didn’t know what to expect but they got all the characters dead on which you can almost always expect from KyoAni. It’s about a boring IT worker who stumbles on a dragon in the forest during a drunken bender. She invites her to her home and the dragon decides to become her maid. I feel if this show was with a different studio then they might not have done it justice. And Tohru is just a great character in general. I expected her to be a bit more fiery but they made her like a super cute character with a moe look. Her actions, naivety and humor come out even more when you see it in action. I hope the rest of the season is just as good. Everything so far has been perfect. There is no episode count yet but it’s probably 13 since Cool doesn’t have many chapters of this done. This is also being dubbed. Continue reading

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