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Kemono Friends

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Well the season is over and I thought this would be the first one I threw out my thoughts about. Yes I know I have like 3-4 seasons to catch up writing about but anyway…

Kemono Friends, the anime that seemed to take Japan and fan art by storm. It’s crazy to think this show would be┬ásuch a runaway hit. I doubt it is over here in the US but in Japan it definitely made waves.

The show is one that seems to be aimed at kids but it was on late at night which leads you to believe there is more to it than meets the eye. When you first look at the show you will probably say something like “what the hell is this”. It has some very very janky CGI, a friendly “meet the animals” type theme and it doesn’t give off anything that would seem more mature or adult. Though you can tell something apocalyptic happened. I will say the background art is okay. Continue reading

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