Hiyokoi is about a girl named Hiyori who was in a car accident and due to this accident she wasn’t able to attend school. The two traits that are clearly apparent is her height, she’s short and her shyness. Compared to the other students, she looks like she’s around 5 feet, maybe a bit shorter. She encounters a friend of hers in the same class and a boy who is her complete opposite.

Yuushin Hirose is tall, has a lot of friends and he’s kind of the class clown. She laughs a lot, says what he thinks but he goes out of his way to be friendly to Hiyori. His antics bother Hiyori at first but after a while she starts trying to get used to it. Because of his popularity she gets attention by being popularity adjacent. Hiyori later finds out that Yuushin also has his own issues though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him.

It’s a nice little slice of life, school based comedy. The art and music for the show are very fitting and it seems like a damned shame that it’s only a 22 minute show. Though it’s short it’s definitely worth a watch. I hope that some day there is more but it might be destined to be unfinished like Holy Knight.


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