The Devil is a Part Timer! (Hataraku Maou-sama!)

I honestly picked this show up way back when, just because the name. Recently watched it again so I could give it an adequate review/preview without just going off memory, in case there’s something I leave out.

The Devil King Sadao is on the precipice of taking over the world but a hero named Emilia defeats him. Due to this event, he is forced to drift to the other world, this other world is modern day Tokyo. Sadao knows nothing of the modern world and conquering it is his only skill. So now, him and his top general Alciel have to adjust to living in Tokyo. When they get to Tokyo, they’re just average teenagers and have to find shelter and work. While all this is going on, there are still heroes after his head, including Emilia who he happens to run into, and some of his generals and others still trying to take over the world. So even though he’s settling into his new role in life, his old life keeps calling him back.

While the show does have a lot of action, it’s goofy comedy mixed in is what makes it a winner. The characters have very pronounced personalities that are way over the top. Like Sadao who wants to become the manager of a MgRonalds, that’s his new motivation. His assistant Alciel takes being an assistant and cheapness to an all new level. You have the very extremely traditional Japanese girl Suzuno who’s like a geisha and others.

Production value is very good on this show. There is one thing I found odd about the dub, they still had a foreign language in there or they did it to show that it’s another language instead of just having them talk in English and have a subtitle that says “this is Romanian” or whatever the other language was supposed to be (drawing a blank right now).

Kind of ironic that it came out in 2013 with I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job. A devil and a devil child taking regular everyday jobs in the same year. Was it a coincidence? Planning? Who knows but at least both shows were good. I prefer this one over the other since it’s more of an action based show.



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