The Testament of Sister New Devil (Shinmai Maō no Tesutamento)

The Testament of Sister New Devil is from this past winter 2015 season, and is getting a second season in October. The show is like your typical ecchi, harem anime but they do try to push the limit a little.

Basara is a seemingly ordinary high school student whose father suddenly remarries. He’s introduced to his new step-sisters and his father suddenly has to go overseas, leaving his with his step-sisters. What Basara doesn’t know is that Mio and Maria are the new Demon Lord and a succubus. Instead of being trapped by contract, Basara forms a reverse contract by accident and becomes Mio’s master. Like any child of the former Demon Lord, Mio is being pursued by demons, devils and heroes and it’s up to Basara if he wants to protect his new little sister or let her be dealt with by the ones coming after her.

The music and everything about the show is crisp. There’s a decent plot in place so it’s not just pantyshots and all that BUT there are some scenes that may need even more censoring than they have. I don’t know how to explain the scenes without being explicit but those scenes would work in some hentai shows.

Testament is a well done show, a lot of ecchiness though.  They did work the ecchi in so that it’s part of the show but wow do they push the limits. I watched it on Crunchyroll so there were “protectors” in place but daaaaaamn. So if you plan to watch, be prepared, even with censors it’s still very very ecchi.



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