Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (Dākā Zan Burakku: Ryūsei no Jemini)

So you’ve finished season 1 of Darker than Black and you want more right? Well there’s more show for you to enjoy.

In this 2nd season of Darker, you find Hei and Yin are on the run after being betrayed by the Syndicate. After leaving Japan, Hei ventures to Russia and comes across a young girl who becomes part of a conflict unknowingly, between different factions and Contractors fighting for power. He saves her from the ones fighting over her and she becomes his apprentice. But as we find out, Hei in his current condition is not the best teacher.

Thanks to the events of the 1st season, Contractors are safe from having their existence erased or so they believe but this doesn’t prevent them from abusing their powers. As Contractor power abuse increases, Kirihara and her team is back in action too. So all the parties from the 1st season are in place.

The production value on the show is an upgrade from the 1st season which is to be expected. The sound, music and art are good. Everything about the show still stays pretty dark and gritty but it is a different take on the series from the plot standpoint.

Maybe it’s just me but this season didn’t connect with me. The first season had me wanting more. The OVAs really had me hyped up for more. Then this season came out and I felt letdown, big time. I felt like I was watching someone playing one of those escort missions in a game where you have to get character X from point A to B and protect them. Overall you have the elements that made the original season strong but some of the new elements just don’t feel right. Like if this had a different name then maybe it would be okay but as a Darker than Black season, it feels like a letdown.

Technically the 2nd season came out and then the OVAs which made no sense since the OVAs actually fill in the HUGE gap between the seasons. Anyway, that’s not to say it’s a bad show really but to me it was just not on par with the rest of the series. I’ll let you decide for yourself. Feel free to comment after watching it.


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