To LOVE Ru Darkness 1st & 2nd season (To LOVEru Toraburu Dākunesu)

In season 1 of To LOVE Ru, Rito met Lala and had many adventures and fights to defend her. In season 2 we were introduced to Lala’s sisters, Momo and Nana who were the main focus of that season with Lala taking a minor role. Season 3 brought some changes to the series that I’m not sure were positive. You went from the highly energetic Lala to Lala’s trouble making sisters to the most stoic character with Lala waaaaaaaaaaay in the background.

Being that it’s subtitled Darkness, yes it’s mostly about the ‘Golden Darkness’. Yami is a decent character but for so many episodes about a yandere/kuudere type character, it can drag on. There is a lot of focus on Mea too who could be more interesting as a character but she’s so one dimensional except for a random scene here and there. Momo and Nana get a lot of airtime too where they balance out Yami a bit but Yami is definitely the focus. Everyone else is pretty much a side character for this go round, not counting Yuki.

The production on the show is pretty much the same as previous seasons. Music, art and everything else are slightly improved but they were pretty good in the first place. The plot is where I have an issue though. It’s a decent plot I guess for a harem show and to push more info about characters who got left on the sidelines for most of the series. I like the way she says Yuki Rito before she assaults him, there’s a positive.

I’m not the biggest fan of Yami and Mea. Sure you want to give them some history and all that but wasn’t this series started with Rito, Haruna and Lala? Where’s Lala dammit? Yami has a fanbase, hopefully not all the lolicon perverts but she is a hard character to build a season around. To me this just feels bland without Lala’s crazy ass inventions and antics. Needs more Lala. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m saying it’s bad but it doesn’t have the uptempo of the first season. It does get better as the season goes on though, especially near the end but for me it was just not fulfilling? I can’t think of the right word but it’s not…something I’d put under recommendations? Bah. For me it’s a proceed with caution. That being said, I hope there is a 4th season with the focus back on Lala.


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