The Testament of Sister New Devil BURST

Testament of Sister New Devil BURST is the 2nd season of Testament of Sister New Devil. It’s just as raunchy, ecchi and obscene as the first but truncated into 10 episodes.

Everything that transpired in the first season seems to have died down and life is back to “normal”. As normal as it can be when you live with a succubus and the devil’s daughter. While perparing for a sports event at school, Basara and the others are attacked by magic wielding humans. Due to the strength of this attack, Basara wants to become stronger so he can protect his new family from this new threat. Rukia, Maria’s sister, appears and leads Basara and the girls to the demon realm where a new battle for control has begun.

The visuals and everything around the show remain strong like the first season and nothing has really changed there. The quality of art and animation is up and down in several spots. The pacing is off though and the show seems like the studio rushed it. This season is focused mainly on the fighting so there are a lot of action scenes mixed in with the ecchi content. The ecchi is still over the top but there isn’t as much room for it as in the previous season but trust me, you will get your ecchi fix if that’s what you’re tuning in for.

If you plan to watch this one then you probably should watch the first season since it’s not a true standalone season. This doesn’t really add anything to the show. It’s okay but I wouldn’t go run out to watch it.

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