Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry (Soukou no Strain)

Strain: Strategic Armored Infantry is a more mecha and less filler except for one episode.

In the distant future, mankind is divided into 2 factions called Union and Deague. Both have military might, the Union uses manned crafts known as Strain and the Deague use unmanned Tumors. Ralph Werec who was 16 at the time, left his little sister behind to become a Union pilot. He said his final farewell since he was going on a mission that would take him 130 light years away. Sara who just wanted to be with her brother, vowed t become a pilot too and find him some day. Years later, Sara became a pilot and ended up in a fight with a Deague assault force. During this assault Sara learned that the leader of this assault is her brother Ralph. In order to find out why he turned his back on the Union and figure out what he’s after, she goes after him through even means necessary, even after losing her Strain (you only get one so if you lose it then you’re done).

Sara has to go through a lot during the show and not only because she’s the main protagonist. If you’ve seen Cross Ange then you’ll be familiar with some of the hazing and other things that happen to her. Her brother Ralph is a pretty intense villain, cold and uncaring. You’re not even sure if he has any feeling at all. You do get to know some of the other characters like Lottie who is a tsundere loli and plays a pretty big role but they really are just support. There is even a comedic character Lavinia thrown in to ease tension. So they pretty much covered all bases with the character types.

Aside from the faces, everything in this show looks good, especially the CG fighting scenes. This show has a LOT of action and it doesn’t fall apart during those scenes. Episode 7 could have been thrown out, it’s a Lavinia episode which really could have been split into parts and thrown into separate episodes instead of just one full episode. My biggest issue is from something you know I hate already. This show is a lolifest. Half the characters are damned lolis and they play major major parts. If they weren’t lolis then this show would be even better because you wouldn’t have a bunch of napoleon complex dwarfs running around.

This is one that tried to fit itself into 13 episodes and for the most part it did that but f it was a 2 cour show then it probably would have been even better. If you’re a mecha fan then you’ll probably enjoy this show except the lolis unless of course you’re a lolicon. It definitely fits the genre well and has a lot of action.

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