Parasyte (Kiseijū)

Parasyte is a show from last season which seems to be drawing a lot of comparisons to Tokyo Ghoul. If the two shows are similar then I’m sure I will enjoy Tokyo Ghoul too. I guess that gives you a hint of where I’m going with this review.

Parasyte centers around a teenager named Shinichi Izumi, who lives in Tokyo with his parents. Then one night, these worm like creatures known as Parasytes invade the Earth. Their method of invasion is through taking over a host body by entering the brain via the ears or nose. Since Shinichi is wearing headphones at the time of his Parasyte visit, the Parasyte tries to enter through his arm. Shinichi feels the movement and is able to stop the Parasyte from getting to his brain and it’s only able to control his right arm. Hence, the name “Migi” meaning right.

Since Shinichi is able to keep Migi from taking over his brain, the two are able to communicate and maintain separate personalities and thoughts. It takes a while for the two to get used to each other since Shinichi wants to save all human life and Migi only wants to save himself but once they resolve their differences, they become a formidable team with the other Parasytes gunning for them and the rest of the human population. The others are after Shinichi because he still has his brain and still functions like a human instead of being a slave to a Parasyte. This causes problems for both Migi and Shinichi as they end up fighting to stay alive.

This show covers all the bases since it was given the time to do so. Parasyte has 24 episodes where most shows only get 12-13. If this show was condensed, I don’t know if it would even be worth watching because you would lose so much context. You wouldn’t have the growing bond between Shinichi and Migi or a lot of the other events around the invasion. Everything was taken into consideration when they crafted this show. The art style, the characters, the plot, everything was done well.

The music may be where I see one minor issue. The opening theme is good and matches the show but the closing theme leaves you with a WTF moment like Deadman Wonderland although not as bright and cheery. Both had great opening themes that matched the show then the ending was some pop candy song but this is what happens when there are production committees involved and need to get attention on an artist. It seems to be the way they do it for these type of shows though, like they’re trying to lift your spirits after seeing some brutal murders.

Parasyte is a strong show, in a time when anime is turning to crap because these committees are afraid to step out of the box and do something different or do something that would be more universally accepted. I wanted to check out something recent but wasn’t sure at the time so I asked Misty Chronexia and I got this recommendation from him. Check out Misty’s Youtube channel for his thoughts on anime and his top 10 lists. I highly recommend this show, once I started watching, I couldn’t put it down.

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