Denkigai no Honya-san (Denki-Gai)

Denki-Gai is another workplace comedy, this time centered around a manga store that sells a heavy dose of erotic type manga. You won’t find heavy storylines or plots here, this is not that type of show. Denki-Gai is a show that is just here to make you laugh.

The show is centered around Umio and his coworkers. Umio is just your regular, run of the mill otaku but his coworkers are the ones who make the show go. You have a very stiff mangaka who is socially awkward, a bubbly sweet blond girl, an erotic magazine inspector and a host of others who push the story along. Their personalities are what makes this show.

The artwork for the show is simplistic but works for what the show is. It’s centered around the store and their homes so there isn’t much that has to be drawn out. The music is also very fitting for the show,, a simple light and airy tune.

Denki-Gai is a light and simple comedy show that will have you laugh at some of the ridiculous situations and some will probably be familiar to you like trying to tell someone of the opposite sex that you’re interested. The problem with some of these shows is when you focus on the cast with no direction, the jokes can become predictable. If you’re looking for a short 12 episode series just for a few laughs then Denki-Gai will fit the bill. Don’t expect a lot from the show except a little comedy.


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