Little Busters! and Little Busters!: Refrain (Ritoru Basutāzu!)

Little Busters, a show about baseball, how can you go wrong. Well Little Busters isn’t all about baseball, it is one of the main themes but it’s not just about baseball. Little Busters is a little bit of comedy, romance, supernatural and more with a little baseball on the side.

Little Busters is about a group of friends who decide to put a baseball team together. Now if that was all the show was then you would not have much to go on but it doesn’t stop there. The show deals with subjects like death, the supernatural, war torn countries, and even a subject that you don’t see talked about much, narcolepsy. The main character Riki has narcolepsy and he passes out like someone normally would. They cover a lot of bases in this anime which is kind of odd for one that’s based around being at school but they pull it off well.

The first season of Little Busters is more of an introduction to the characters. Each of the characters has a unique personality and are memorable. While Riki is not the leader of the group, he’s the main character, he narrates most of the show. You have Rin the main heroine who is extremely shy and they try to help her get over it. Komari who is an overly cute girl who believes in fairy tales and all that cutesy stuff. Masato and Kengo who are always fighting and working on their bodies. These two provide a lot of dumb guy moments and fights that you won’t forget. My personal favorite is Yuiko, she’s kind of like a perverted older sister to them even though she’s the same age but for some reason I just find her funny as hell. Plus many others who make up the Little Busters.

All through Little Busters and Refrain, you have Rin and Riki trying to find out the secrets of the world. This comes to a culmination in Refrain. Little Busters is the lighthearted side of the two shows. Refrain is a much darker turn. I feel they definitely delivered an ending to the show worth waiting for. They could have really screwed it up but if you start watching, then watch to the end for true closure.

Refrain takes a page from Haruhi with an Endless Eights type setting but don’t worry, it’s not eight similar episodes. It’s contained in one show. Riki and Rin are still trying to find the secrets of the world, with the other characters assisting them this time. Without spoiling the ending or anything, the group does start to break apart.

Little Busters is based on the visual novels and there are a bunch of them. While visual novels usually have the girls falling for the main character, here it’s more of a friendly thing and not too haremy. If you ask me, it’s one of the better ones based on a harem visual novel. This gets my seal of approval and a 4 1/2 star rating.


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