Another Pitch for Oni Press

I haven’t mentioned this other pitch much because it was meant to be a light novel at first. Not sure when the idea popped in my head but I asked someone who read the sample stuff I had and he thought it would work. 70-462 dumps I asked 2 of the others who read it and they think so too. So Mr Killswitch will be submitting Dodge Battle High to Oni Press also. I only have 10 days to get the package together so have to get on that ASAP. I should be able to bang out the comic scripting quick, it’s the summary and cover letter that seem to be tripping me up. OG0-093 dumps So I guess I will have 2 pitches and hopefully 2 books getting published.

Dodge Battle High is a story about dodgeball but not in the traditional sense. You will have your regular schools but Dodge Battle High is a school where dodgeball determines a high percentage of your grade. It’s a slice of life/comedy type book but it will also deal with subjects like death, self esteem, friendship and more.

If I had this idea earlier, I might have even pitched my 3rd idea but that’ll be for the next open submissions at Oni Press. Well, time to get crackin.

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