Punch Line (Panchi Rain)

When I first saw the previews of the show, I thought it would be drek. It came off as trying to keep some kid from seeing a girl’s panties but that’s not all the show is about. Is it part of it though.

Yuta lives in an apartment complex with four girls. One day following a busjacking, Yuta finds himself ejected from his own body and is now left to roam the Earth as a spirit. Yuta encounters a cat spirit named Chiranosuke who becomes his sensei in a sense. Chiranosuke is teaching Yuta how to use his spirit powers so that he can protect the girls from the situations they find themselves in. Yuta’s only problem is that if he sees panties TWICE then the Earth will be destroyed by a meteor.

The characters have very little character. Yuta is an okay protagonist but he has to find his way which gives his character a little depth but the others could use some work. There is enough background on some of them for an end of the world type show but maybe it’s just me. Either they didn’t have enough character or they were just too bland, except Chiranosuke the smart ass guru cat spirit.

This show is a very good looking show despite it’s shortcomings. It’s bright, colorful and clean, there is nothing bad to say about the art, the music or anything surrounding the show. The plot is…okay I guess but since it’s only 12 it feels rushed and a little sloppy.

So it’s better than an average show but not something I’d put at the top of my list. If you have the time then give it a watch but don’t rush to see it.


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