Plastic Memories (Purasutikku Memorīzu)

When I saw Plastic Memories, I wasn’t sure if I’d be watching it but I read the synopsis and it sounded interesting. Though I didn’t think it was going to be a love story in the end.

Plastic Memories is about a team of recovery agents who retrieve Giftias. Giftias are humanoid robots who become companions for people who lost kids, lonely souls, etc. These Giftias have a limited lifetime and the agents have to retrieve them before their time is up or they become “wanderers” which basically means they went crazy and may even hurt those who mean the most to them. Tsukasa is a new agent without a partner until he’s teamed up with Isla, who has been out of the field because her issues.

The main characters are Tsukasa and Isla. Tsukasa is your typical clueless teen who knows nothing about love and ends up trying to figure it out. Isla also has no idea about love but ended up being my favorite character from the spring. At first she’s just a typical shy girl but for work she shows she has some spirit but she is clumsy as hell. Watching her grow as a character was pretty entertaining. The other characters end up being side characters for the most part but they’re necessary to push the story along.

Everything about the show is well done. Looks like some of these anime houses are stepping up their game.The music and atmosphere of this show are very fitting. Even though it seems rushed in terms of the plot, they did handle the show with care.

I knew from the beginning that the show was going to be the type of show to pull at heart strings but I figured they would half ass it with only 12 episodes and the poor pacing of the show. The final few episodes definitely did deliver but I wish they paced the show better. Even with that one issue, I can recommend this show. But if you’re someone who gets emotional then you will probably end up crying.


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