SoniAni: Super Sonico – The Animation

Super Sonico, the Nitroplus mascot and promo character who blew up and got her own show. Watching it was just a moment of curiosity and I’ll say it was “interesting”.

When Tsuji Santa created Sonico, he probably didn’t know what she was going to become. Sonico became a mega star, she has her show, promo materials, manga and so much more and her friends have joined her on that trip. She’s an 18 year old college student, very studious, and always willing to help out and please others. While an animated character isn’t usually used as a role model, Sonico has a lot of traits that some people should envy. The show is mostly her everyday life as a model, band member and student who’s just trying to get by.

Super Sonico is obviously the main character and she’s a bit different from your typical female lead in an anime in a few ways. One she’s curvy, like actual curvy and not just a chest like some people try to get away with. Usually your pink hair trope doesn’t get the lead because they’re too nice but Sonico takes the lead with no issues at all. She has a manager who is always in a mask but he takes care of her like a daughter. Modelling isn’t a field that is always clean and he makes sure that she is never in one of those regrettable situations. Then there’s her bandmates, Fuuri who is always eating and/or sleeping and Suzu who is always dressing up Sonico in weird outfits, she’s actually of an average build though the other two are voluptuous. You have random other characters and Sonico’s cats but these are the main 4 characters in the show.

The problem for poor Sonico is her show is kind of just okay. The show is colorful and nicely done, nothing that I could find fault with on that end. Nothing that truly stands out to make someone say “I have to watch that”, no plot at all.  One thing that was interesting is the opening was performed by Super Sonico (Ayano Yamamoto) while each episode had a different ending each performed by First Astronomical Velocity (not sure if it was the actual band or Sonico’s band in the show). Not only that but each ending has different forms of animation like a Godzilla sized Sonico stomping through the city in CGI, there’s one where Sonico is a cat being cared for by a humanoid cat, there’s a Zombieland ending where she hacks zombies with a chainsaw and does the Thriller dance, and there’s one for each episode.

With her popularity and the rising popularity of her friend Pochaco, you would assume there will be a second season. If you want games, figures, pillowcases, manga, albums or anything with Sonico, it’s probably available. I wish I could give Super Sonico a better score but I just can’t. Everything about the show is so crisp but the show itself is just bland for the most part, it’s moe oveload. Maybe I’m just partial to Sonico and the animation work of the show so I’m giving it a 3 1/2.



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