Outbreak Company (Autobureiku Kanpanī)

This is a show that I expected to be garbage. The way it was described on some sites made it seem like a show that was just made to fill a spot in the schedule. This show actually surprised me and was very well done.

Shinichi is an otaku who ends up being hired as an ambassador to a foreign land. He’s not sure why it happened but he’s the one chosen. Shinichi is sent off to a foreign land which is actually a land beyond a gate like a World Trigger or GATE. This land he’s sent to is a land from the past with castles, dragons, monarchs and catapults. His job is to bring otaku culture to this new land but he has to deal with people not wanting to embrace the culture, race/class issues and more to get the message across.

Shinichi is a nice change from the usual otaku character who is usually overbearing and obnoxious. For the most part, he’s calm and collected even though he’s a hikikomori. The cast of characters around him is a bit odd. You have the princess who is a loli with a bad attitude, his maid who’s an elf which is a race that is looked down on, a dragon/human type creature, a security detail lead who is crazy about BL and a female wolf like creature. There are others but they play small roles.

Have to say they did a nice job of blending the military stuff into an ancient looking civilization. There’s really nothing I can say about the art, music and plot direction, everything meshed together well.

I really was ready to hate this show but it turned out to be pretty good. A lot of characters that are listed as “otaku” end up being overbearing and hard to watch but Shinichi’s not so bad. The show isn’t perfect and has lapses sometimes but tackling the class/race system is something that’s not seen too much and they went about it in a way that doesn’t make it seem like 1950s meets 2010s. Nice little show for a break from the usual.


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