Plastic Nee-san

Plastic Nee-san follows a third-year high school girl who likes building plastic models and the wacky conversations she has with her fellow club members Okappa and MakiMaki.

Plastic Nee-san is another of the short gag comedy shows that has come out recently. This is one that I found because I wanted to see where this gif came from. Seriously, that’s the reason I looked for it.

One thing you will notice is the girls all have something on their heads. They’re models which I am assuming represents their favorite type of model, MakiMaki has a tank which in one episode does actually work (she is the only one with an active model and character inside it), Okappa has what looks like a bus or train car and Nee-san has something that looks like a house.

The tone of the show is comedic for the most part with some serious moments sprinkled in. It’s the transition from serious to comedy that brings on the most laughs. The addition of other characters just adds a new level of comedy like the twins Uno and Sano or Satomi who is listed as Beautiful Person on her screen intro. I’ll let you be the judge of that one. When the new characters come in, they pretty much get their own episode based on them so you do get to know them a little.

The art and music is nicely done. The show is ecchi but not like 30 minutes of ecchi. There is one scene that might make you flinch a little but nothing overly intense. The episodes are about 3 minutes long so you have maybe a half hour investment on this one. It’s a funny little show and if you want a half hour of laughs then give it a try.


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