Katte ni Kaizou

Katsu Kaizou is a gullible 17 year old high school student who believes in aliens, UFOs, ghosts, conspiracies, etc. He seems to think everything that goes on around him is because of some plot.

This show is ridiculousness times 5. Most anime tropes can be found in this show References to Dragon Ball, Powerpuff Girls, Harry Potter and other shows/movies. Each sub-story is pretty much it’s own entity and extremely bizarre. There is no consistent plot, it’s similar to shows like Going Home Club, Ai Mai Mi, Plastic Nee-san and others.

Starting from the opening this show is just ridiculous. The song is somewhat ordinary but then at the end it explains Kaizo is a cyborg or so he imagines. This is a theme that goes on through the show. After Kaizou joins the school science club, he comes in contact with all sorts of strange things and situations. The friends he makes in the club, aren’t much different from him, some may even be stranger.

The ecchiness isn’t left to just the females. As a matter of fact, in the show I don’t recall any female spots but there are a few in the ending sequence. During the show it’s mostly guys and some really really really suggestive shots, maybe beyond suggestive because I know it made me cringe once or twice to have to see that.

It’s only 6 episodes and good for a cheap laugh. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but if you have the time, go for it.


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