11eyes (Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo)

11 Eyes caught my attention because the name. Obviously most people have 2 eyes so when you see 11, it does get your attention because you want to know who’s missing an eye or who has an extra. If you knew someone had 3 eyes, you know you’d want to see it too.

The story revolves around a seemingly average teenager named Kakeru, and his friend Yuka. They’re childhood friends and just about inseparable. One day while walking together, the sky turns red and the moon becomes black, everyone who was around suddenly disappears and they’re surrounded by monsters. They ran until the world returned to normal but what they didn’t know is that this will not just go away, it wasn’t just a dream like they led themselves to believe. They manage to find others, with strange powers, who are going through the same thing and band together to try to figure out the mystery of the red night. The opening scene is the catalyst for a lot of things so pay close attention, though it’s kind of hard to miss it.

There are 3 characters who stand out from the rest: Kakeru, Yuka and Kusakabe. The rest of the characters seem to be more comic relief and support than anything else and don’t really have as big a role as the others. Kakeru is the main protagonist, he’s pretty much all alone except for his childhood friend Yuka. The opening scene is pretty brutal and it’s what causes him to basically go into a shell and not let anyone in. Yuka seems to be the only one who was able to befriend him. She’s a sweet, caring friend who is always with him. Kakeru and Yuka are dragged into the events unwillingly, while Kusakabe is an upper classman who seems to have some idea of what’s going on. The others provide laughs for the most part but in the end they do help out the main characters.

While the show wasn’t one of the big ones, it did do things right in a time when other shows were starting to be ran by committees. They had a committee too but you can tell they didn’t put their hands all over it. The opening and closing sequences had music that made sense for the show unlike Deadman Wonderland where the closing song was some shiny happy song.

I liked 11eyes even though it’s kind of your usual, end of world show. It’s not one of the ones that stands out like Devil Survivor 2 but it’s alright. I did watch it more than once so it can’t be that bad. Now as a recommendation, I’d probably say, watch it if you have the time. It’s not great but it’s not bad, it’s somewhere in between.


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