Lucky Star (Raki☆Suta)

Lucky Star is a parody, comedy, school based show like Nichijou and others.

The show is basically about having fun whether it be in school, doing homework together, cooking, eating, videogames and anime. It’s basically their everyday lives. At times it can be very relaxed and other times it’s funny as hell watching them go through the things they do. You’ll see some parody action including 24, Haruhi Suzumiya and other popular shows, especially Haruhi. Konata even works in a cafe where she’s Haruhi. While the show is a comedy, there is one touching episode towards the end which involves Konata and her family. 

Konata is a lazy otaku (though she is smart and athletic) who thinks of everything as some form of manga or anime plot. She’s the leader of this quartet or so it would seem since everything really focuses on her. She also seems to have a fixation with her female friends where you might think she is lesbian. Though in anime, the females do have strong bonds so it may be nothing more than that or she’s like some of your perverted females but less overt, not sure. You also have Miyuki, who is booksmart but she’s an airhead. Remind you of someone in Haruhi? Mikuru maybe? She always tries to be helpful but the airhead gene seems to run in her family. Then you have the twins Kagami and Tsukasa, one is very much like Konata in the lazy department while the other is a tsundere who Konata is always poking fun at, these two are pretty funny when they’re together. Along the way there are other character introduced as classmates and family.

The show doesn’t have slick production or high quality art but it makes up for it by just being a good show. Since Haruhi is a big influence on Konata, I have to wonder if that’s why the opening is a dance sequence or if they just did that because they felt like it. A lot of anime does have some type of dance sequence so either could work in this case. The content of the show makes up for the lack of slick production.

The show is pretty funny even if there are one or two cringe worthy conversations. Then you have times where it gets to be just a bunch of girls talking. Overall it’s funny but there are parts that can be considered filler to some. If you have the time then give it a shot.



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