What do you get when you have a teenage boy, a young princess, a mercenary, a perverted college aged woman, a dark goth woman and some ninjas? Believe it or not, there’s all that and more in Kure-nai.

Without completely destroying the plot, Kure-nai is the story of a teenage boy who is enlisted by his employer, to protect a young princess. The princess is from a family that has plans for her to “disappear”, which is why she has to be protected. What are you to do when you’re a teenage boy who has to raise a princess almost like she’s your own daughter and also protect her life.

Shinkuro is what looks like an average teenager now has to figure out how to care for a little girl and go to school and also handle his part time “job”. Murasaki definitely does not make it easy. She’s been sheltered her whole life and never left alone so she depends on Shinkuro to be there for her at all times. When he’s at school, she starts adventuring outside and that leads to many new and dangerous situations since she has people after her. The other characters of the show do have significant roles but they aren’t the main focus of the show.

For what it is, the show is nicely done. There aren’t many things I can say stand out or would be considered subpar. It’s kind of average to above average across the board. Everything fits in from the opening music to the end. There is an OVA attached to the show and it’s done a few years later. You may have a hard time recognizing some of the characters and that’s because they look more like the books. The hairstyles and a few other things were changed for the series so it does get a bit confusing.

It turns out to be a decent little show though some parts are a bit dry. It’s not one that I’d run out to go watch but if you have the time, it’s a decent little time sink.


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