B Gata H Kei (Bī Gata Etchi Kei)

B Gata H Kei is a show about a 15 year old high school girl named Yamada. She has a goal of sleeping with 100 guys. Seriously. I am not joking. There is one caveat, she’s a clueless virgin and rejects everyone who tries to talk to her.

Yamada comes up with a plan that she is sure won’t backfire.  She searches for a “cherry boy”, a guy who is inexperienced to be the first guy. But she’s clueless and the guy she picks is clueless too so it ends up being two clueless teens trying to figure out how to be in a relationship. Well she’s just trying to get sex but she has no clue how any of it works. She has to ask her friend over and over for advice. Will things go her way? Guess you’ll have to watch to find out.

I’ve been looking for a word to describe certain aspects of the show. Crude isn’t the word I’m looking for. Vulgar maybe? Crass? There are scenes I could live without seeing. Ecchi pushes boundaries but here they went a little too far for me when Yamada checks out her *** in the mirror…yeah…and more than once. You don’t have the usual ecchi moments like breast grabs and all that, it’s mostly language. It is different to see a girl being the one controlled only by hormones and delusion but the crassness is a little over the top.

The show seems to be fashioned like an older show but it’s a show from 2010. The music and everything else would be representative of older shows. The trying to be cool is not cool here. High School DxD tries to be cool and at least they use terms that were cool at some point. Words like “totes” (totally) and “sitch” (situation) are just not cool and never were.

The show is okay without the crass moments. Comes off as a high school comedy type of thing with an overly hormonally charged girl instead of a guy. Though the guys who usually are like her play side characters or leads in action shows like High School DxD. The show won’t be for everyone.


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