Wicked City

The people of Earth are confronted with known as the Black World. A parallel dimension that is inhabited by creatures that take a human form but are nothing near human on the inside. There has been a long standing pact between the two sides and it’s getting close to time to renew the pact.

There is a group known as the Black Guard who protects everyone from the possible Black World infiltration but there is also a more militant faction from the Black World who is trying to stop the peace treaty at all costs. So a member of the Black Guard is teamed with someone from the Black World to try to keep the harmony between the worlds and sign the pact.

This show just didn’t do it for me. I found the pacing to be okay since it was mainly focused on 2 parts of the story. It had the same feel as some of the other shows and movies from 80s which depicted grit. Just seemed like a subpar effort for the most part.

The reason for the hentai tag is there is a sex scene, technically 3 if you count some shorter scenes. Plus some other questionable and suggestive stuff mixed in. For comparison, I’d say it’s similar to a show from the same period, Kite. In the 80s things were a little more lax. Some pretty dirty talking there too. In total, I’d say it’s about 5-10 minutes worth of that.

I had a lot more hope going into the movie since I didn’t read anything about it except the basic premise but it ended up being like a bad B movie. I guess you can say the action is reminesent of something like Bastard!! or Battle Royal High School, though I like Bastard!! I want my 80 minutes back. If you’re into bad movies and stuff like that, then this is the right movie for you.


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