Place to Place (Acchi Kocchi or Atchi Kotchi)

Place to Place is a school based comedy the revolves around 2 teenagers who seem to be in love but are not together. They’re “more than friends but less than lovers.” The show follows them and their school adventures with their friends. They go through the usual high school stuff like studying, school festivals, walking to school together, etc. but with comedic flair.

Io and Tsumiki are the main characters of the show and they really work well. Io is a very serious guy but also very dense, he doesn’t see how Tsumiki is in love with him. He says and does things in a casanova way that get a reaction from almost all the girls, especially Tsumiki and Hime, usually nosebleeds. Tsumiki is a short tsundere who has a major crush on Io. She is always trying to be close to him but doesn’t seem to know how and usually ended up with him rubbing her head which is a positive for her. She is known to go into rages when the others tease her about Io and Io ends up getting bitten on the head when he teases her. You’ll also notice that in most pictures she has cat ears, this happens when Io rubs her head or she’s happy which is usually Io based. This is part of why the others call her a cat.

They are accompanied by 3 friends Mayoi who seems to be like a mad scientist and always wears lab coats. Hime who is a sweet, loveable airhead and seems to be Tsumiki’s best friend. They share the same reactions to Io’s sayings and actions. Then there is Sakaki who is Io’s best friend and coworker. He always says the wrong thing at the wrong time but him and Io share the same strong values.

I really like the way they set the show up. On the surface it doesn’t look serious at all and they kept the same aesthetic through the whole show. The music is more towards the romance side but the images for the opening and ending scenes are more on the comedy side. While watching, you’ll notice scene cards but not in the way the Monogatari series uses them, they’re actually useful scene cards for specific actions oe between the first and second part of the show since the show is split into an A and B part.

This show is a fun little comedy that will keep you laughing. Then of course you have the romance part that adds to show and keeps it from just being a gag comedy show. If you remove the romance you probably have a decent comedy but it would lack that thing that takes it over the top.


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