Dragon Half (Doragon Hāfu)

Here’s one for the waybackmachine. I don’t know if any of you recall a decade called the 90s. It was a cool decade where things moved at lightning speed, technology jumped so far forward that people forgot there were things like Beta and 8 track tape. Well in 1993 there was this little show called Dragon Half.

The show revolves around a girl named Mink, she’s the daughter of a retired dragon slayer and a dragon. Half human, half dragon, dragon half… Anyway, she sets out on a mission to get tickets to a concert by Dick Saucer, world famous teen idol and dragon slayer. While this is going on, the king of the land is trying to take her hostage to get at her mother that he’s in love with. The king’s daughter is also after Mink though that just seems like a spite thing.

The show is a show full of cliches, poking fun at anime in general. They use a lot of super deformed art and a wide range of cliches that you still see in today’s anime. Kind of like that show Excel Saga (I couldn’t stand Excel Saga after one episode because the main character’s voice made my ear drums bleed though now I may go back and try to watch it.)

The show has some bad art though that was actually on purpose. You’ll look at it and say “my unborn daughter or son could do better.” and you might not be far from the truth. Though for a show of that time, the time not spent in super deformed may be pretty good. Some of it may even be passable by today’s standards. One thing you’ll notice for the ending is that it says music by Beethoven. Well…there is music by Beethoven BUT there is a song being played/sung over it that’s called “My Omelette” and it’s pretty bad but it’s one of those songs you can’t get out of your head for a while. Poor Mink, she’s just a dumb teenage girl in love with a jerk and has a bad show.

There were originally going to be 4 OVA episodes but there was not enough interest so only two episodes were produced, which makes sense since it’s not a good show. Mink, you’re okay but your show sucks. Proceed at your own risk. For some reason though I want to tell people to watch it though. If you want something short (2 25 minute OVAs) and a few cheap laughs than check it out.

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