Oni Press Still Hasn’t Rejected My 2nd Pitch…Yet

Well I’ve been sitting and waiting for a rejection letter but nothing yet. I’m on day 62. They extended the response time from 30 days to 60 but I know one person said it took 72 days. I’m debating what to do with Dodge Battle High because I made a few changes to what I sent them. What if they get back to me and say “we want your book”?

I’m still looking at a Kickstarter but it may be around October. By then, I should have a clear answer on Astra Etherium (the game) which is being held up by external issues beyond my control and I’m not happy about. I will probably send Astra Etherium (the book) to Dark Horse. It’s probably more their thing but I heard they ask for a piece of film rights or something in their deals. Which can be good and bad. I’d like to see it hit the anime market but if a movie can be made then why not. It lends itself well to a movie.

So I just keep writing, hoping it’s good…the few who read it say that it is. Hope they aren’t telling me what they think I want to hear…

Ugh. I guess I just want to know what’s going on in the process.

**Update** I guess someone heard me. I got an email today saying they need longer than the 60 days. It looks like about 2 weeks ago they still had 950 submissions to go through so I guess there is still hope before having to turn to Kickstarter.

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