Swing Out Sisters

This is one that I came across on one of those lists “X anime like X”. I think the anime it was supposed to be like was School Days and I didn’t see it. I guess it has a brief moment or two where you could say that but for the most part, they differ.

Swing Out Sisters is about a teenage boy who his friends think has a “sister complex” because they’re always around him. All 3 of them go to the same school and the 2 sisters are both older. The eldest, Chiyo, is a very well endowed motherly type, she mothers him and the other sister too. She’s very sweet and sort of like an old fashioned wife who will do the housework, etc. The other sister, Chinatsu, is a tomboy who is always picking on Yuuta to the point that he thinks she doesn’t like him. Yuuta seems to gravitate more towards Chiyo for this reason and Chinatsu gets jealous and you can picture where it goes from there with 2 sisters both in love with their brother.

I’m still debating if the opening was a dream or not because it looks like it could go both ways. It’s a scene with Yuuta and Chiyo and it’s just a sex scene. That is when I realized I may need to stick near my fast forward and I did. Then the opening sequence came and that was a nice save but it didn’t last long. This show is graphic beyond graphic. Fast forwarding through all those scenes left me with mostly home and school scenes like a normal school based anime which I guess is where it’s like School Days but it is so graphic I just had to keep watching for when I needed to speed ahead and skip the hentai. Even if it was censored I don’t think it would help.

Yeah, I’m leaving this unrated. I skipped through a good portion of it if not more than half. I skipped through all the hentai stuff to watch the regular stuff and there really wasn’t much of it. There’s no way this would fall under ecchi, it’s hentai from the jump. A lot of shows push that border lately like Testament of Sister New Devil, Shimoneta, Prison School and others but this one leaves nothing to the imagination. Trust me. If you want what is basically a porn, then this is the show for you. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not going back to watch the whole show.

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