Welcome to the NHK (N.H.K. ni Yōkoso!)

Welcome to the NHK is a show I ignored before but decided I should give it a chance. Within the gaming community there is a lot of depression. I think maybe 50% or more, of the people I’ve come across in game development have dealt with some type of issue or still are. I also used to deal with a few people who had issues before I even got into game development.

The story revolves around Tatushiro Sato, a university dropout and entering his fourth year of unemployment. A hikikomori who came to the conclusion that this happened through some kind of conspiracy. One day, by chance (or so he thought), he met Misaki Nakahara, a girl who claims she will cure him of being a hikikomori. He agrees to her conditions though not willingly. Enter Kaoru Yamazaki, his best friend and neighbor. Kaoru seems to be the one he counts on the most though he has his issues too, he’s a hardcore overbearing otaku but he’s actually the most stable character (scary isn’t it?) Tatushiro also gets wrapped up in other people’s issues too which lead to some interesting situations.

The show does well in portraying the depression issues, not only Tatshiro but the whole main cast and even a side character who appears later. The characters have traits you’d expect to see from people with severe issues. Sometimes they overplayed it but you didn’t feel like “no way someone would do that.” The imagery and other things around this show are well fitting. Depression is a dark place and this show represents that, definitely in a better way than Paranoia Agent.

This is probably not a show for someone with deep depression issues. You have hikikomori issues, otaku, loneliness, suicide pacts and a lot of depression type issues. It’s an okay show but not one I’d recommend to anyone.


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