Now you’re probably looking at the cover pic and thinking it’s just a generic moe show, well except for the gun. While they do look cute and all that, this show actually has blood and action like this:

Momoka is a middle school girl (or is it high school?) who is dragged into joining one of the oddest clubs at her school, the Survival Game Club. This club is under the leadership of the mercurial Miou and it’s a club that does a lot of paramilitary training. After being dragged and coerced into joining, Momoka has to learn the ropes quickly. Did your airsoft gun battles ever go like this?

One aspect of the show that is done well is the characters. When you see pink or blue hair, you expect them to follow tropes but here you have a break from that. This show doesn’t take itself seriously and it shows in the characters. Momoka is a hot pink which you would think means she’s sweet, caring and all that but she’s a straight up jerk. She is greedy, petty, vindictive, materialistic and just about every bad trait you can think of. When it comes to revenge she kicks it up a notch, they put tacks in her shoes and she fills their lockers with tacks. When she’s playing an otaku in a light gun game and looks like she’s about to lose, she beats him down and takes the win. Then there’s Urara who she uses as a human shield. Urara has a massive crush on Miou but when Momoka hits her, she becomes a masochist and falls for her. You also have Miou the leader who is loved by all the girls in the school and also rich but she’s gun crazy. There’s Kayo the silent, cosplaying otaku. Then there is also Maya who seems to be incredibly sweet and is the “service” provider for the show, along with being the receiver of all the A cup angst.

This show is a bunch of short burst episodes, like 2-3 every episode so 7-8 minutes per mini episode with the random long ones. They cover a bunch of different situations, mostly around their club and their airsoft gun battles. These battles look real but they’re all in their imagination of course, as the narrator will keep mentioning. But I have to say that some of the battles look more badass than some that you see in actual action shows.

I truly had no expectations with this show but it left me laughing at times and other times were a little blah but overall it’s a good show and if anything, you’ll get a few laughs over the ridiculousness of this show.



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