Dodge Battle High Still Not Rejected by Oni Press…yet.

So it’s now 3 weeks later and I still didn’t get a rejection email about my submission (now it’ll probably come tomorrow). They seem to have gone silent on the process or they don’t answer directly queries from what I’ve seen. Not sure how many are left to go through but it’s been a while. Almost 90 days of waiting can be nerve racking. Especially since I was planning a Kickstarter if things went south. Kickstarter isn’t a slam dunk but since printing, art and other things have a cost, have to do it somehow. My plan for Dodge Battle High is to just be the writer/gensakusha. I can actually draw but if I do that then it takes me away from my games and everything else. Unfortunately this plan has not worked for my game since I’m in development hell and waiting on people to follow through but I’m at the end of my patience. It’s hard to find good help as they say.

While waiting, I did find some guys who do anime at a cheaper rate then a usual studio. Don’t have a big catalog of their work or anything but Dodge Battle High doesn’t need super high animation, just needs something decent. School anime can get by on decent animation as long as the goal of the show is met. I’m actually intrigued by the style of Hen Zemi. It’s different from everything else, all the girls aren’t stick figures and the guys aren’t weak looking, even the weak characters look “normal”. The faces are awkward though so that would have to be changed. So tempting to find funding and get a few episodes done but so much to consider also…

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