My Wife is a High School Girl (Oku-sama wa Joshi Kōsei)

My Wife is a High School Girl is about a 17 year old girl who is secretly married, to a teacher. Her husband is the physics teacher at the same school. If there relationship is exposed, he will have to quit his job. The marriage also has a condition from her father which is that they are to have no sexual contact until Asami graduates high school. While she tries to “advance” their relationship, they have to dodge situations with others, leave for school at separate times, avoid people finding out where they live and other situations which could complicate matters even more. Can they overcome all these obstacles and protect their marriage?

Asami and Kyosuke are not the average married couple as you already know. Asami is such a sweet, caring character who seems to almost have no anger in her. She even calls Kyosuke, Danna-sama. Kyosuke is almost the same way too so it makes the show a little slow. Between them, it’s a good dynamic but when it comes to the other characters they interact with, it’s almost like their “enemies” are actually their friends. Not that they’re enemies in the normal sense, but people who could blow their secret.

This is actually what lead me to watch the show, the cat machine gun:

The show has average production values for it’s time. The aesthetics for the show looks like it would fit in the 80s. The main theme seemed like something you’d see in a show from back then like a Silver Spoons or something. Drawing a blank on the actual year of the show right now but it was definitely styled more like something from the 80s with the more wholesome type approach than the 90s and later where they started adding more edge to things.

From this past summer 2015 season there was My Wife is the Student Council President which has similarities but is also very different. You have the same premise of a high school girl as a wife but this one is a bit more wholesome for lack of a better word. The one from this past season was ecchi and didn’t seem coherent in any way. While this show was 26 half episodes and kept a common theme.


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