Bikini Warriors (Bikini Woriāzu)

Bikini Warriors is another short anime show from this past summer season. There were several this time around like Danchigai, Okusama da Seito Kaicho, Robot Girls Z. Anyway, Bikini Warriors is a bunch of short stories in a fantasy setting where they fight monsters and magicians. The name of the show is because they’re amply endowed women clad in “bikini armor”. So the party sets out on their adventure in their bikini armor, trying to earn living expenses.

There are typical archetypes in the show. The fighter is the redhaired leader of the crew. She can be impulsive and stubborn which leads to some silly situations. You have a blonde haired paladin who seems a little submissive. There’s a mage who is the softest member of the group, very timid (like a mage probably would be) and she seems like she may be young. The final member of the group is a dark elf, a combination of fighting and magic skills. When the group first starts the adventure, she’s very aloof or haughty but she warms up to the others. There are also two additional help characters, a hunter and a valkyrie.

The show is just a ridiculous, goofy, ecchi comedy in a fantasy setting. The episodes are about 4 minutes long so it will only take about 45 minutes of your time. They did leave you with a hint that there could be a second season so you never know, there could be more warriors in bikini armor headed your way.



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