Is This a Zombie? and Is This a Zombie? of the Dead (Kore wa Zonbi Desu ka?)

Is This a Zombie is a hilarious 2 season comedy. Ayumu Aikawa is a zombie who was resurrected by a necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe after being killed by a serial killer. As Ayumu starts learning to cope with being a zombie, he also becomes a Magical Garment Girl. Yes you read that right, he becomes a Magical Garment Girl and now has to battle demons…in a dress, while trying to find his killer. But the problems for Ayumu don’t stop there.

The first season is more of an action comedy. Ayumu and the girls are fighting demons, Megalos and others while Ayumu is trying to find his killer. It’s not all action though, a lot of the show takes place in Ayumu’s house and at school too. You get an up close look at Ayumu’s home life with a necromancer, Magical Garment Girl, a vampire ninja and his school life plus others who randomly appear.

The second season (Is This a Zombie? of the Dead) is more like a haremy comedy. So many bad innuendos, bad puns, bad jokes, movie references and other things that might explain the cancellation unless it was planned that way. It’s funny stuff but it’s such a departure from the first season. Usually when you take a show and take it far to the left or right, you end up with a cancellation because people are afraid of change, especially now. The anime world is afraid to take chances as it is, not just fans but also producers.

Ayumu and Eucliwood are the main protagonists of the story. Ayumu is a zombie and he was made a zombie by Eucliwood, a necromancer. Now they live together with him taking care of her. Seraphim and Haruna also end up living in Ayumu’s house with them through different circumstances. Seraphim is a vampire ninja and a violent tsundere who verbally and physically attacks Ayumu. Haruna is a Magical Garment Girl who mixes up words all the time. Haruna is also a violent tsundere but she has another motive. Haruna can be annoying as hell, she uses euphamisms in the dub but sounds out of place a lot. Like uncool girl who tries to sound like she’s been cool since birth. Sounds like an odd mix of characters doesn’t it?

The art is standard fare for this show, nothing spectacular. The music for the shows is pretty good though it may seem out of place because for the first season it’s supposedly about a magical girl according to subtitles. The second season isn’t bout magical girls it’s ‘different’. Either way, they’re full of energy and sound good but I can’t say much for the songs at the end of both seasons.

As you can tell, I like this show. If you want to laugh then watch this show. Some of the stuff in the show is just soooooo wrong but it’s sooooo funny. I’m not going to call it the greatest show on Earth or anything like that but it’s funny.



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