Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Seneki

Chaos Dragon seemed to be a very polarizing show for some reason though I have no idea why. The concept of Chaos Dragon is an intriguing one. It was based on a role playing project Red Dragon created by 5 notable character designers: Gen Urobochi (Fate/Zero), Kinoko Nasu (Kara no Kyoukai), Iduki Kougyoku (Mimizuku to Yoru no Ou), Ryohgo Narita (Durarara!!), and Simadoriru (member of the Stripe Pattern doujin circle). Over 6 days of game sessions they came up with enough material for a 7 volume light novel series.

The story of Chaos Dragon takes place in Huanli (the Year of Dazzling) 3015. There are 3 factions that are central to the story. There is an island country named Nil Kamui which has lost it’s independence and Donatia and Kouran are fighting for supremacy. This causes the area to be in constant strife. While all this is going on, Red Dragon, the guardian of Nil Kamui goes out of control. So while the island nation tries to regain it’s independence, they also have to deal with Red Dragon.


This show definitely hits on all cylinders when it comes to production. Pretty good art, not perfect, but the imagery is very good. Looks like it’s a mix of hand drawn and CGI in some areas. The music and sound in this show are definitely up to par too. The character designs are good too, definitely fitting for the show. Whatever the knocks are on this show, it can’t be on the production side.

I’m not exactly sure why people were hating on the show from the beginning. By the time shows were in the middle of their seasons and some starting to get better, many people I saw were dropping this show and it ranked low in Japan. I thought it was a decent show though it felt rushed. It’s hard to not have a show feel rushed since most only get 11-12 episodes to show what they are and they have to try to put in a decent ending point. I liked the show, not my favorite show but I did like it.



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