Witch Craft Works (Witchikurafuto Wākusu)

Honoka is a regular high school student who finds himself one of the most hated people in school and not by any fault of his own. It starts with him being seated next to the school’s most popular girl Ayaka. They never even spoke to each other before but one simple interaction between them, gets her fan club riled up. But that’s nothing compared to what happens to him after that. He finds himself saved from an attack, by a fire witch who happens to be Ayaka. They aren’t the only ones after Honoka either but Ayaka is there to save his ass. Honoka seems to be making more and more enemies that he didn’t even know were after him and Ayaka is there for him.

Honoka is a straight laced, regular, teenager who is getting used to being chased after but not for the usual harem-y reason. The show does feel kind of harem-y because they’re all after him but it’s not one. Ayaka on the other hand is like the queen. Everyone basically bows down to her, she has a fan club who worships her, and enemies who are jealous of her. She will be a hard character for some to like because she’s very much a kuudere. Kuuderes and danderes make very hard show leads because the silence of the personality.

At first the show seems a bit awkward, saying things like they’re after Honoka’s “white stuff” and calling him princess but it’s basically a role reversal of a damsel in distress. I found the show to be funny at times but also have enough action at other times to make up for parts where it lacks. It’s a good mix of situations for the fantasy genre. I personally think the show is underrated.

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