Birdy the Mighty (Tetsuwan Birdy)

I saw this show way way back and remembered liking it. So when it came up as a random pick on one of the websites I watch anime on, I went back in.

An average middle school kid who is studying for his high school exams, runs into a man running from someone. Tsutomu is that average kid and in all the confusion, he accidentally gets killed by a space cop. That cop is named Birdy and she ends up saving him by unorthodox methods. She ends up sharing his body. Now Tsutomu and Birdy are stuck with each other and they have to hunt criminals and save lives together, while trying not to drive each other nuts.

For a simple OVA series, they did a good job on the production end. There is decent art, music and a plot that is easy to follow. Most of what you see here is from the main series which ended up getting 2 seasons. It’s a decent lead in to show what the series is about but the beginning is changed in the main series. You will notice the change because it is also one of the main threads of the show.


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