God Eater (Goddo Ītā)

God Eater was one of my most anticipated shows. The artstyle drew me in right away and the promo video was pretty damned good too.

A few weeks ago, rumors started going around about the show only being 9 episodes. With all the delays and spacing out of the show, it’s kind of hard to think that it wouldn’t be cancelled mid season. In actuality, it’s just ending for now and will be back in the winter with 4 more episodes.

Anyway, the show is set in 2071 and most of the world has been destroyed by creatures known as the Aragami. A group known as Fenrir has been taking out these monsters with weapons that are known as God Arcs. These God Arcs aren’t ordinary weapons though, they’re made with cells from the Aragami. The ones who exterminate the Aragami are known as God Eaters. The God Eaters use either a projectile based God Arc or a sword based one. However, there is a new type of God Eater that can wield both. The show focuses on killing Aragami, protecting citizens and the usual things you do when the world is coming to an end.

Production value on this show is definitely high. I love the music in this show, great all the way around. The art is something you don’t see often, cell shading. I really like cell shading styles and they didn’t have any slip ups anywhere that I noticed. The plot in the show seems like it would be strong enough for a 24 episode season. These end of the world type shows really do well with more episodes.

I’m not sure what to think on God Eater at the moment. The show starts off really slow and then you get the kick in the balls of it being 9 episodes but you only find that out when episode 8 is out. Technically it’s 13 but the other 4 will be later with no date set yet. Guess I’ll have to wait for the winter continuation. But for now I’m giving it a 3 star rating because it’s unfinished and right now it would not be a must see. The rest of the season might make it a must see but right now it’s just passable.


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