Seiyu’s Life (Sore ga Seiyū!)

Seiyu’s Life is a summer 2015 anime which was about rookie voice actresses going through everyday life as voice actresses.

This is a show where there isn’t much I can say. The 3 voice actresses meet each other while running from audition to audition and over time become a group. The show goes through what voice actors/actresses go through in a normal day, week, etc.

Interesting note: This was a 4 panel manga series written by a voice actress named Masumi Asano. It was launched at Comiket in 2011 and then each of the next Comikets. Unless I missed her name, she doesn’t appear in the anime credits.

This show is pretty much a moe show but with a bit of the business side of anime. They do depict a good portion of it but not everything obviously. Production wise I’d say it was pretty average. If you like Shirobako then this is a show for you. It’s a more relaxed, slow paced show going through their everyday lives.


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